Where to Get a Good Beer in Seoul: Craftworks

It seems that good beer is making its way to Asia, and Korea is no exception.  While the most popular beers remain Hite, Cass, and OB, microbreweries are popping up all over Korea, from Seoul to Gwangju to Busan to Daegu.  Suncheon even had one for a while, although when we tried to go they didn’t seem to have anything more than bottled Hite and Cass…

Jirisan Moon Bear IPA: hoppy, citrusy, and delicious! Plus who can resist that cute Moon Bear logo?

Enter Craftworks Taphouse & Bistro, in the Itaewon district of Seoul.  It’s a reason all it’s own to ride a bus north four hours.  Not only does the place have really good food (chili, ribs, apple pie!), it also boasts really good beer-6 types to be exact: Namsan Pure Pilsner, Baekdusan Hefeweizen, Halla Mountain Golden Ale, Geumgang Mountain Dark Ale, Jirisan “Moon Bear” IPA, and Seorak Oatmeal Stout.  The beer is brewed at the Kapa Brewery in Gapyeong County, Gyeonggi Province and shipped daily to the taphouse.

Baekdusan Hefeweizen-this would be the perfect beer on a hot Korean summer day!

Our first trip there was the first anniversary of the Craftworks’s opening and to celebrate they were giving away two roundtrip tickets to Bali, not a bad reason to go out for a few beers!  While we didn’t win the trip (sad!), we were able to try four of their beers-a much needed break from soju, makgeolli, and Hite.  I ordered the Geumang Mountain Dark Ale and Namsan Pilsner and Jesse had the Jirisan IPA and the Baekdusan Hefeweizen.  The Dark Ale and IPA were our favorites, I love brown ales, and Jesse’s favorite beer tends to be an IPA. Sadly, my favorite type, stout, was unavailable until December 18….guess that means another bus ride!

My favorite-the Geumgang Dark Ale: chocolately and nutty, yum!


Check the Craftwork’s website for directions, menus, and more: http://craftworkstaphouse.com/

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